Amit Mehta

Amit Kumar Mehta

Amit Kumar  Mehta founded Mehta Art Gallery (www.mehtaartgallery.org) and is its Chief Executive Officer. Amit is as passionate about people as he is about art.

Born on 23 Feb in Varanasi – India, Amit is a vigorous Indian artist who represent the colors on canvas in such approach to justify the label of Indian “Vincent van Gogh.”

The enthusiasm behind work of Amit is not any muse but to ponder insane people in society to get on the real path and proceed as hitch solvers. Mankind can find themselves wondering that not only the observed glitches are shown stopping at vibrant colors but also the solutions for them when they discover a new detail every time when a new stare is given. Balance of observation then imagination to provide final art creates a tight spot to take your eyes back if once they are on Amit’s ready canvas.

Amit started embracing paint and canvas as a child which tended to a great proud moment in form of his first art exhibition at Greater Noida- India in year 2012 in a very young age. His work was appreciated by renown personalities present there and according to Amit this induced more detailed artwork stimulation inspired by many great vintage Artists.

Also a qualified MBA (2012); providing for himself through this profession, but living truly and wonderfully, through his art and when it comes to show action in a field other than Canvas, pleasure to introduce a national level volleyball player – Amit Mehta – The insignia of color.

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