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Revealing secrets of the success Thomas Alva Edison once said that “Success needs 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” This is indeed true about entrepreneurship. Now a days it has become a source of zeal and killer – instinct among youth and they love to do something new to make their presence in the world of […]


Notes and Quotes on Entrepreneurship

Notes & Quotes on Entrepreneurship

#Entrepreneurs: Journey will be full of surprises, sometime you have to accept things which you don’t deserve, sometimes beautiful things occur which is beyond your expectations. Enjoy every bit of entrepreneurship journey, treat yourself as a sailor who sail ships in every situation and reach their destination successfully. #Entrepreneurs: Everyone has an idea, but very […]

Night versus Day: The Light of Darkness

Huge numbers of people Huge number of emotions Lots of faces Lots of different feelings Few are winning Most are losing Many people living on this glorious planet survive by using all their vain-glorious efforts and powers just to try to win an empty triumph over a fellow human.  What is the true worth of […]



Entrepreneurship is not about our dream only

Being an Entrepreneurship is not just about fulfilling ones dream, its about contributing to society through cultural means thus enriching humanity. Source: Mindcron College Placement Race: Following college and achieving my MBA I unlike my friends did not want to fall in the trap of finding a job based on monetary gain. I could see […]

Some Glimpse of Ganga Ghat: Varanasi 1

Varanasi is symbolized by its Ghats. There are as many as 81 Ghats in Varanasi for different purposes. Some of them are related to particular deity while others are simply to bathe. Some of the important Ghats of Varanasi include Assi, Dasaswamedh, Manikarnika, Tulsi and Panch Ganga among others. Tulsi Ghat is named after the […]