Entrepreneurship is not about our dream only

Being an Entrepreneurship is not just about fulfilling ones dream, its about contributing to society through cultural means thus enriching humanity.


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College Placement Race:

Following college and achieving my MBA I unlike my friends did not want to fall in the trap of finding a job based on monetary gain. I could see that my school colleges, my old school friends had no time for each other as they were busy competing against each other in order climb the corporate ladder. I knew that this was not for me. I realized that I was so different as I always wanted to do something of my own and continue to maintain personal integrity and make my own mark in life. My dream has always been and continues to be developed as an entrepreneur in my chosen vocation as an artist and gallery owner. In preparing for this I studied for my MBA degree, expecting it would propel me into the business world by arming me with the knowledge and skill to found a successful business.

Continuing my art with a well reputed company:

I come from a culture that’s expectations are to climb a ladder and to produce funds to accommodate our hierarchical beliefs. Due to this set expectations set by family and my culture I worked for 7-8 months for a reputable company, however, I could not stomach the monotonous routine that I found dehumanizing. I felt like a robot following orders focused on increasing the revenue of that company. I found myself daily thinking that this type of work was not for me and I was continually searching for something else. I was questioning myself as to who I was and what I wanted out of life. I knew that I could no longer deny my dream to become a successful entrepreneur as an artist and an owner of an art gallery.

Fortitude first:

Very sadly, my girlfriend and I were forced into an untenable position due to some problems. A very tough day for us.

Despite the kick in the heart, I determined to follow my dream and achieve all I want from my heart and soul. The moment calls and I have to catch it right now, otherwise it will be too late and all over within me.

Start living with my dream partially:

 Overcoming this depressing time (ironically, an oft repeated artist phrase), I planned to continue my life‘s passion along with working on a few business models with my roommate in Delhi, India. After some months, I felt that I am still compromising things with my dream and passion: displaying my art works and an opening a full art gallery. I worked on that project continuously, yet as far too often happens when art meets business, we started facing some human resources, financial problems and lots of other hindrances in our daily life. Although we did a lot work on this project day and night, all together, and learned a lot of things from that particular project, which was the best part we were losing. This is trade off between following a dream and confrontation to society, but I guess that day could be lost, so I chose first one. I think the payoff the human venture in general is inversely proportional to what is expected. While doing my job I come across a simple logic that this is not my cup of tea, but it is somebody’s. So that guy will be always ahead than me in this arena because he loves his work. So I have to choose my cup and tea, means my profession and my way of doing it.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Sir Winston Churchill

dreamsMission statement- My Dream and Passion:

After enough tests, I decided to fully concentrate on my own dream no matter what others think about me or no matter how long time it takes to make my dream comes true.

Entrepreneurship is not a word which includes only dreams. You have to be very careful and have faith in yourself to make your dream come true. There are lots of perplexing challenges every time roaming around you. Yet, you can’t even imagine how someone, anyone, can derail your dream in a single day and you can lose all your passion. To keep all alive you have to handle each and everything alone and in a very significant manner with all your dedication. Entrepreneurship requires huge enthusiasts to face each and every challenge and to get your dream in your hand. If you really want to know the definitions of an entrepreneur then copy this:

“Entrepreneurs are the visionary who read the market in present and set their entire plan and execute perfectly according to the future market in a better and a purer cheapest manner from which people get benefit and enjoy the service provided by you”.

Always enjoy whatever you do in your endeavors and never ever feel unhappy or hopeless, if you don’t enjoy it, get out. Art needs passion; no passion, no art. No passion, then step aside for those that know and can.

  • Never, ever fail to take every work very seriously and present it on time, NEVER postpone your works for next day and sacrifice your sleep and other things in your life.
  • Plan for everything on paper fairly, not only in your mind, visualize all in your thought like you are doing practically and then put it into reality.
  • Having a perfect goal and clear vision helps you achieve your dream.
  • If you are good at managing all expenses and good at allocating resources, then this will help you in all your life, stick with priority always regarding your cash flow.
  • Become your best self-promoter of your start-up, it will help greatly to understand the market and to present your business in a better manner to the customers.

After this, all I used to do a hell of a lot of things which I can’t express through words, but now I am feeling myself moving to the next level of success as I completed an all art gallery which opens soon for the public. I brought two things together: one is an art gallery and the other is putting my own imagination daily on canvas with colors. After that a feeling usually comes that I live an artistic life that may become shorter for me to complete my journey. That’s why I feel entrepreneurship is not only about our dream, it includes huge things (regardless of the artist), and you have to face everything with all your passion, determination and courage.

hhhhThe Journey of Entrepreneurship is full of stress and anxiety, you have to view yourself always in a positive side and enjoy each and every situation and never feel (or appear) under pressure, always have faith in yourself and keep laughing with all your friends and family. Don’t (NEVER) worry about what your relatives, your close ones think about your works and your future. Other than you not a person knows your future and your own power better than you. Never run to prove yourself to others, just do your work. Your desire/ability in objets d’art, maybe something you should devote whole life too, but your sacrifice for this depends on your dreams. Never give up! On this journey you will find lots of people who will de-motivate you (perhaps, frustrated artists/friends who haven’t been as proliferate) and very few who will motivate and give some good feedback regarding your works. Just keep good feedbacks and flow with your works. I have determined that I must use my education to shape the art business, I am establishing my space. I now realize that just knowing the methods of entrepreneurship are not enough to fill the need for a satisfying career. The first requisite is the desire to succeed at something personal, such as creating art and selling it. It is the inner drive that impels one to success, not the educational overlay. Desire is the fuel for the entrepreneurial engine that creates business.

Building a successful business in any venue is much like the task of a body builder. The body builder lifts weights to gain strength. As he gains strength, he must increase the weight in order to continue to build muscle. It never gets easier. The body builder is not working so hard to make his workouts easier. He is struggling ceaselessly to reach a goal. So it is with anyone who aspires to own a successful business.

I have learned the first requirement for successful entrepreneurship is a very strong desire to build a business that fulfills ones feeling of self-worth. Only then can one apply the principles and skills of business management for a truly successful operation.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs



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