Night versus Day: The Light of Darkness

Huge numbers of people
Huge number of emotions
Lots of faces
Lots of different feelings
Few are winning
Most are losing

Many people living on this glorious planet survive by using all their vain-glorious efforts and powers just to try to win an empty triumph over a fellow human.  What is the true worth of achieving some grotesque height by defeating another human?  I don’t get it, and hopefully, I never will get IT!

Most ancient cultures made use of the day/night cycle as the work/rest cycle because the Sun was the only light and agrarian needs helped solidify this idea.  In these modern times, this antiquated concept proceeds.  We continue to cultivate the concept that we are born to work in the day, and sleep at night.  I have never understood this.  My mind tells me that night is my time!

Much has changed for many since ancient times, other than for farmers (continuing our agrarian legacy and, pardon the pun, roots).  Now, it seems much of the world works 24 hours a day.  I make the most to use my time wisely, artistically, and humanely, just don’t expect me to work on my craft during the day!

FearDaily, I see too many people racing in circles of chaos; people are running as if they are fleeing for their lives physically and emotionally:

  •  Fearing loss, scarcity
  •  Never ending competition all around
  •  Simply seeking shelter before the night
  •  More people waste their time in finding some hope
  •  Chronic anxiety, loads of work
  •  Fear of staying alive
  •  Desire for pride
  •  Needing that feeling of safety/security

I’ve never felt completely happy and calm in the day time: Thoughts race through my head, but not fully focused.  Maybe, too much empathy (if that’s possible), but with the continual chaos on Earth, it poses a great distraction in my work.  During the day with the cacophony of noises, I won’t able to work effectively, properly, powerfully.  Even when I go to some official functions, the long queues mean lots of wasted time.  Time that many of artists value as wasted, like we have no value of time at all.

5202312669_bea31a9d17_zWorking at night, I’m more energetic with some divine feeling – everything looks beautiful and charming, no chaos, no sound, no pollution.  With ultimate peace, it feels like I am the king of the world and living on this Earth alone; do whatever I want with my art and paint and concentrate on other works with full concentration.

For me, the night has much more creative power than the day.  At night, I feel charged and society feels less anxious.  I feel that all are relaxed, living their lives with the true feelings of freedom.  Night is not just for sleep; it can be for working on one’s art, one’s plans, limitless as the darkness of the sky.  By night people can work on something without disturbance, in principle, achieving what they need earlier.

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. By: Vincent Van Gogh

For the day dwellers, they seem conditioned or “addicted” to the old day/night cycle forcing them to depend on the chaos for social structure with the continual fears and needs.  Unable or unwilling to break free of these accepted “norms”, too rarely do I meet someone during the day who is happy and enjoying their life to its fullest.

The conclusion is simple and not difficult to enact.  Make your creative time your own, any time during the 24 hours we get each day and night.  Everyone has their own needs, wants, desires, I’m simply suggesting don’t utilize night only for sleeping and start to think it over and try it a few times.  If you’re creative and restless at night, you may already know the answer to creating more work, but just haven’t answered the alarm, yet.

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